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Y-TEX - New Insecticide Tag Rotation Chart

We all know it's coming. The temperatures are going to begin to rise as the seasons change. It's a given, and it's why we don't wait to make sure our air conditioners are ready to run consistently through the hot summer months. If you've raised livestock for more than a season, you too know what else is coming with the warmth: INSECTS.

Persistent irritation from horn flies, stable flies, ticks, and lice can slow growth, decrease lactation, transmit disease, degrade hides, and lower weaning weight in cattle. For these and other profit-impacting reasons, you can't wait for signs of hair loss, stomping and scratching before you take action for your livestock.

So when you're thinking ahead and making those AC unit tune-ups, you also can stay ahead of the pest invasion with Y-TEX Insecticide Ear Tags. Here we'll discuss the strategic rotation of insecticide ear tags – including the newest MAX40 tag – how they work, why producers should consider using them, and more.




Explore the Covetrus tag informational chart highlighting insecticide products from leading brands. This comprehensive chart offers detailed information on each product's specifications, application guidelines, and benefits, empowering you to choose the right solution for effective pest management. Rely on Covetrus to provide valuable insights and access to top-rated insecticides for your agricultural needs.